How to Stay Safe in a Casino


When most people think of Vegas, they picture opulent neon signs, flashing lights and games where cards and dice are played. But Casino, Martin Scorsese’s best-known movie, reveals the dark side of Las Vegas gambling, revealing the mob’s deep ties to the city and its past tainted reputation. It’s also one of the most violent movies ever made, and although the violence is not gratuitous, it serves to shock the audience in an attempt to show that gambling can be a dangerous pastime.

While most casinos aren’t as violent as the one depicted in the movie, they do have a lot of security measures. The most obvious are cameras and security guards, but there are other ways to keep gamblers safe. Table managers and pit bosses watch over table games with a wider view to ensure patrons aren’t cheating (like palming or marking). And most casinos have a high-up person monitoring each employee, noting their wins and losses and making sure there are no blatant problems like switching cards or throwing dice.

Another way to protect yourself is to set a time limit for how long you want to play. Casinos often offer free alcoholic beverages to keep you gambling for longer, but it’s important not to drink too much because of the potential health risks. It’s also helpful to use different envelopes for each day of gambling, so you don’t start using money that you intended for the weekend on Monday.