How to Avoid Being a Victim in a Casino


What are the best ways to avoid becoming a victim in a Casino? There are many ways to protect yourself, but a great way to start is by learning about the game itself. During a recent survey, Harrah’s Entertainment found that 79% of female casino gamblers preferred playing electronic gaming, while only 63% of males did. The majority of female gamblers preferred playing $0.25-$0.50 per spin machines, while 21 percent preferred table games. While each individual’s preferences may differ, some general guidelines to follow are as follows:

Most casinos offer roulette, blackjack and video poker. Occasionally, a casino will offer an exclusive game. There are also elaborate surveillance systems in place to monitor the entire casino, which include cameras in the ceiling and windows. Video feeds from each are recorded for later review. In addition to these measures, there are computer chips inside of the slot machines that determine the payout. This ensures that no one is actually watching the slot floor. Casinos have plenty of staff to protect their customers from fraud and theft, and are always open for tips.

Although it may seem a simple idea, gambling is a dangerous activity. In addition to promoting crime, casino patrons can become compulsive, which results in serious financial loss. Studies show that 5 percent of casino patrons are addicted, while the majority of people gamble only a few times a year. Nevertheless, these patrons generate 25 percent of the casinos’ profits. Many economic studies also point to the negative impact that casinos have on communities. Casinos often attract local players, and their presence shifts spending from other local forms of entertainment. Moreover, the economic gains from casinos are often offset by the cost of treating problem gamblers and the loss of productivity due to gambling addiction.